#1 Best Reviewed Licensed Moneylender in Bugis Singapore Since 2007

Bugis Credit (Formerly Symbolic Pte Ltd) as a licensed moneylender, they have continuously offered help to individuals who have been having a hard time freeing themselves from challenges of huge payments and unexpected expenses. Bugis Credit has always given support and assistance to its customer through unending and immeasurable financial assistance.

Most banks have income requirements that are undeniably out of reach throughout the year, and this is very high for most borrowers to reach. Therefore, Bugis has bridged this gap and is providing borrowers with the easiness of life. So rather than worry about my debts, their customers can now fully focus on what is most important at present. This makes Bugis a step higher than the other financial providers in Singapore.

With service and compassion, it is a company that maintains the value of generosity and will shields you from future financial embarrassment. They have an unpretentious business which comforts all needs and with compassion.

Above All Lenders

Bugis Credit is a foot above all other lenders, following the Singapore’s Money lending Rules and Regulations. They also aspire to offer the best quality services with honesty and real desire to assist those in need. This has ensured that borrowers get a flexible repayment plan for each month which is most suited for you.

Their Director Billy Kong who has aligned its lending facility with the Singaporean government intentions. He has answered to call for financial help with compassion, empathy, and great customer service, which makes Bugis Credit a household name. The company is composed of devoted staff that go the extra mile to help better your financial life.

They offer financial services such as education fees, overdue card bills, new home with renovations, unfulfilled dreams, etc. They will listen to understand your position and then match you with a suitable financial solution which helps you meet your need.

Customer Service with A Smile

Bugis’s emphasis on teamwork, hard work, and kindness is what marks their exemplary stamp on money lending. They aim to go above and beyond to serve your needs, helping people realize their dreams and get the determination and the courage to follow through.

Their aim is to offer borrowers the money they need when it’s needed. Be it when you have an emergency that has financially set you back or if you need a boost to help start your future plans. Simply put, they cater to those facing different financial situations. It could be you hold a good credit history or a situation where other lenders are not ready to give you a loan. Bugis will want to help.

They have built their business on solid principles by providing fair, transparent services, and, as a respectable lender. They make sure that you can easily afford your repayments. Based on the amount, they give unsecured loans thus you don’t have to secure property such as your car or house against the loan. Also, you will not need a guarantor since they work hard in order to offer you the money you require at a rate you can afford.





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Bugis Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Suyarti on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

This is my third loan with Bugis Credit and their service are superb! I had some bad experience with other licensed money lender, hence I was a bit worry when I step in Bugis Credit for the loan. Surprisingly, their loan officer are very professional and friendly. They listen to my problem and offered me affordable and flexible repayment plan. They also explained to me patiently on the interest and all other loan details. No hidden charges! I will go to Bugis Credit when I need emergency fund. Thanks Bugis Credit for helping.

by Raine Tan on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

Highly recommended if you are looking for urgent cash. The friendly loan officer explained every details with patience about the loan since this is my first time approach to the moneylender. Thanks for the quick and professional services.

by Gerine Lee on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

Fast processing for my loan with cozy environment. Thank you so much bugis credit.

by Kelvin Thng on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

My fiancee and I went to Symbolic Credit to apply a personal loan for our wedding. This is our first time visiting a licensed moneylender and we were a bit worried. We are so glad that the loan officers are so friendly and the process is simple and fast. If anyone need a urgent loan, I suggest you visit this moneylender as their provide friendly customer service and quick approval low interest loan.

by Happy Customer on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

Getting a loan from Licensed Moneylender is fast and simple compared to bank. Symbolic is located at a discreet location and respect my privacy by providing private area for customers. Highly recommended!

by Justin Lim on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

This is the first time I am applying a loan from licensed moneylender. Initially, I am worried about visiting moneylenders as I have heard several poor feedback. Due to some financial problem and none of my friends can help, I have to seek assistance from moneylenders. After some research online and read several good reviews on Symbolic Credit, I went down to their office and it changed my poor perceptions on licensed moneylenders. The loan officers there are very friendly. He tried to understand my situation and ability to make repayments. He offered me an installment plan for 3 months repayment. Thanks for your help. Recommended to all who need to take a loan!

by JAMIE on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

This is the best moneylender that I have visited. Thanks for the help when I am short of cash due to my daughter's medical expenses. The staffs there understand my problems and approved a higher loan amount to me. He also given me suggestion and advises me on how to save on interest and repayments. They are sincere in helping us, unlike other moneylenders who want to earn your money. Thank you Symbolic. We appreciate your help!

by Jasmine Goh on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

This is my first time taking a loan with Symbolic and they really changed my perception of moneylenders. The customer service officer who served me was really courteous and offered me a drink as soon as we sat down to discuss the various plans which they could offer. Everything about their service was exceptional and the young guy who served me was very detailed in his explanation about how their loan plans work as well as the fees that were chargeable. The young guy offered me a monthly installment payment plan that was affordable and within my means of paying. I am truly grateful to him for this as due to the monthly installment loan that I have now, I do not have to visit other moneylenders to keep on paying and reapplying for loans on a monthly basis. This has made my life more convenient as I do not have to travel to the moneylender every month. Thank you for your kind assistance and understanding of my situation. I would definitely recommend anyone needing a loan to apply from Symbolic.

by Alison K on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

Excellent customer service, explanation was clear. No hidden details, all fees and charges were explained thoroughly. Highly recommended.

by Ian Koh on Bugis Credit Pte Ltd

This moneylender is quite good, they offer me monthly payment and loan was approved within an hour.

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